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Why Kona Is the Bike Brand for Me

Anyone who knows anything about mountain biking will have heard the name Kona at least once or twice. Kona are a high tech mountain bike manufacturer based in the northwest. They make all sorts of innovative bikes and parts with performance in mind.

A Beginner’s Guide for Buying Mountain Bikes

There are a lot of things you should need to consider if you are planning to purchase mountain bikes. Selecting the kind of mountain bikes and how you are going to use them are not the only factors you’ll need to consider. Some mountain bikers prefer rocky roads and trails while others would choose biking in paved roads. Enthusiastic bikers correlate the kind of riding they do with their mountain bikes. Also several bike parts need to be considered including the bike’s tires, forks, saddle and etc. However, let’s assume that you want something which is neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Mountain Bike Buying Tips – What You Should Know Before You Buy A Mountain Bike

Your first time buying a mountain bike can be frustrating, especially since you are new to the sport. How will you know what to look for if you never have done it before? Here you will learn how to select the right mountain bike for you.

Run Mountain Bikes, Run!

Mountain bikes are gorgeous rolling frames; an invention of unique quality to address the love for outdoors. It is fascinating to behold it rolling past us, carrying the biker with such gracefulness innate of a ballerina. Mountain bikes are superior versions of the ordinary domestic bikes. For some, it is ridden for pleasure and some for personal advocacy. These bikes though are more appropriate for off roads travel and rough conditions. It has been popular ever since its maiden days because of its matchless capacity. Its lightweight frame makes it a lot more comfortable for the bikers to chart impassable treks.

How To Carefully Compete In The Megavalanche

The Megavalanche has become the trickiest downhill mountain bike competitions across the world. People through the entire globe are entering in the event to test their metal against the mountain peak.