Much Fast, Many Speed || Spider Mountain DH Series 2022

Today I’m racing in the Spider Mountain DH series put on by Team trail party. It’s a series with 3 races, 3 trails, and only one run per trail for all the glory. The open men category raced on sticky icky, stinger, and sleep tight. Other classes raced easier trails.

Shoutout to Scene Green Studios for the slow mo footage on Sticky Icky:
Instagram: @scenegreenstudios

Huge shoutout to Area 51 films for the awesome slow mo footage on Stinger and Sleep Tight: @Area51 Films
Instagram: @area51_films

Check out Spider Mountain:

Check out other Team Trail Party Events:

Instagram: @ranked_mountain_biking

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Camera: GoPro Hero9 Black (Chest mounted)
Bike: Pivot Mach 6 2021
Elbow Pads: Kali Protectives Strike
Knee Pads: Kali Protectives Strike
Ass and Thigh Pads: BARHAR Protective Armor Pants
Chest Protector: Fox Race Subframe
Neck Brace: Leatt DBX 3.5
Helmet: Fox Rampage

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Intro: (0:00)
Stages Overview: (0:28)
Stage 1: Sticky Icky: (1:05)
Stage 2: Stinger: (4:00)
Stage 2 Bonus: Klunkers: (6:30)
Stage 3: Sleep Tight: (9:00)
Outro: (11:48)

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