Colin on the Klunker Down Spider Mountain #shorts

Colin rides down the black diamond trail (sticky icky) on the klunker (kids bike) and somehow survives

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Camera: GoPro Hero9 Black (Chest mounted)
Bike: Pivot Mach 6 2021
Elbow Pads: Kali Protectives Strike
Knee Pads: Kali Protectives Strike
Ass and Thigh Pads: BARHAR Protective Armor Pants
Chest Protector: Fox Race Subframe
Neck Brace: Leatt DBX 3.5
Helmet: Fox Rampage

#mtb #mountainbiking #Texas #TX #GoPro #Hero9 #MTB #MountainBikeCommentary #2022 #shorts #spidermountain
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