What I Pack For A Bikepacking Trip - Rapid Fire | Jay's Bikepacking Gear List

What I Pack For A Bikepacking Trip – Rapid Fire | Jay’s Bikepacking Gear List

Jay shares his bikepacking kit essentials in a “rapid fire” style as he runs through of his gear list.

[eal title=”RSD Mayor Fat Bike”] RSD Mayor Fat Bike[/eal]

[eal title=”Osprey 3L Hydration Bladder”] Osprey 3L Hydration Bladder[/eal]



[eal title=”Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bag”] Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bag[/eal]

[eal title=”11L Ortlieb Seat Pack”] 11L Ortlieb Seat Pack[/eal]


[eal title=”15L Ortlieb Handlebar Pack”] 15L Ortlieb Handlebar Pack[/eal]


[eal title=”Blackburn Outpost Elite Hitchhiker”] Blackburn Outpost Elite Hitchhiker[/eal]


[eal title=”Blackburn Outpost Top Tube Bag”] Blackburn Outpost Top Tube Bag[/eal]


[eal title=”Osprey 14L Raptor”] Osprey 14L Raptor[/eal]


[eal title=”Osprey 3L Hydration Bladder”] Osprey 3L Hydration Bladder[/eal]


[eal title=”Dueter Trans Alpine Pro 28″] Dueter Trans Alpine Pro 28[/eal]


[eal title=”Bedrock Bags Honaker Hydro Pack”] Bedrock Bags Honaker Hydro Pack[/eal]




[eal title=”Big Agnes Copper Spur UL Tent”] Big Agnes Copper Spur UL Tent[/eal]


[eal title=”MSR Mini Groundhog Stakes”] MSR Mini Groundhog Stakes[/eal]


[eal title=”Marmot Phase 30 Sleeping Bag”] Marmot Phase 30 Sleeping Bag[/eal]


[eal title=”Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad”] Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad[/eal]


[eal title=”Trekology UL Travel Pillow”] Trekology UL Travel Pillow[/eal]



2:54 TOOLS:

[eal title=”Blackburn Mammoth Pump”] Blackburn Mammoth Pump[/eal]


[eal title=”Blackburn Outpost Wrap Tool Kit”] Blackburn Outpost Wrap Tool Kit[/eal]


[eal title=”Blackburn Plugger Tubeless Tire Repair Kit”] Blackburn Plugger Tubeless Tire Repair Kit[/eal]


[eal title=”SRK Cold Steel Knife”] SRK Cold Steel Knife[/eal]


[eal title=”Chain Lube”] Chain Lube[/eal]


Voile Straps


Large Tent Stake


Dryer Lint


Lighter or Waterproof Matches

3:26 WATER & FOOD:


[eal title=”Osprey 3L Hydration Bladder”] Osprey 3L Hydration Bladder[/eal]


[eal title=”Nalgene Tritan 1L”] Nalgene Tritan 1L[/eal]


[eal title=”Sawyer Mini Water Filter Kit”] Sawyer Mini Water Filter Kit[/eal]


[eal title=”Platypus Bottle 2L Flexible Bottle”] Platypus Bottle 2L Flexible Bottle[/eal]


[eal title=”Platypus Bottle 2L Flexible Bottle”] Platypus Bottle 2L Flexible Bottle[/eal]


[eal title=”GSI Outdoors Stainless Cup”] GSI Outdoors Stainless Cup[/eal]


[eal title=”Generic UL Camp Stove”] Generic UL Camp Stove[/eal]


[eal title=”MSR IsoPro Fuel Canister”] MSR IsoPro Fuel Canister[/eal]


[eal title=”MSR Folding Spork”] MSR Folding Spork[/eal]


Food For 3 Days – usually a lot of nuts, dried fruit, ramen, beef jerky, cheese oatmeal, etc.

First Aid Kit – Quick Clot, Bandages, Moleskin, & Other Essentials

Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Floss

Sierra Dawn Campsuds

SeatoSummit Wilderness Wipes

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

MicroFiber Camp Towel

Polarized Sunglasses

Hiking Boots (for riding)

Merrell Charley Camp Shoes

Darn Tough Hiker Boot Socks

[eal title=”Mechanix M-Pact Gloves”] Mechanix M-Pact Gloves[/eal]


[eal title=”Fox Speedframe Pro Helmet”] Fox Speedframe Pro Helmet[/eal]



Patagonia Baggies Camp Shorts & Patagonia Capilene Cool Lightweight Shirt

L.L. Bean Cresta Hiking Shirt

Zoic Ether Bike Shorts

Zoic Essential Liner Chamois

Club Ride Woodchuck Chamois

Smartwool Micro Beanie

Mid-Weight Merino Wool Base Layer

Osprey UL Pack Cover

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket

Apple iPhone

Black Diamond Spot 300L Headlamp

[eal title=”Black Diamond Spot 300L Headlamp”]Black Diamond Spot 300L Headlamp[/eal]


[eal title=”Lezyne 1600XXL Mountain Bike Light “]Lezyne 1600XXL Mountain Bike Light [/eal]


[eal title=”iMuto 3000 mAh Battery Charging Brick “]iMuto 3000 mAh Battery Charging Brick [/eal]


[eal title=”GoPro Hero 8 Black”]GoPro Hero 8 Black[/eal]


[eal title=”GoPro Clampy”]GoPro Clampy[/eal]


DJI Mavic Air 2

Charging Cords + Various Electronics Odds & Ends

This video was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in the video, all opinions are our own.
This video should be considered for entertainment purposes only, any action you take based on the content of this video is strictly “at your own risk”.

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Mountain Bike 101 – Buying A Mountain Bike

One of the most stressful things about [eal title=”mountain bikes”] mountain bikes[/eal], is the process of actually buying one. With the tons of variation on the market it can be easy to get confused when trying to figure out which bike you are looking to get. This doesn’t help when most can seem expensive which leaves you thinking do you really want to spend that much? Is that one a good enough price for its quality? These questions can be frustrating and make the process of buying a bike stressful so hopefully this quick tip guide will make it easier for you to know what type of bike you are going to get.

Hiking Trail Weekends Just Got A Little Easier Thanks to Personal Tech Start-Ups

Well, it’s wonderful how companies like Yelp and Google with their Maps feature help all us smart phone users find what we are looking for and that they use crowdsourcing to help us make safer decisions. But what happens when these tools lead us astray, or when they just don’t give us the information we need. It seems to happen to me all the time.

Top 6 Safety Accessories for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking can be a fun and exhilarating activity. However, in order to enjoy it, you must have all the proper safety accessories needed to protect you from falls, crashes and other unforeseen events that tend to be quite common when you’re racing through such rocky or treacherous terrain. Here are the top six safety accessories that every mountain biking enthusiast needs to have: Helmet The top safety item is, of course, the helmet.

Look At Those Hills – Should Chase Vehicles In The Tour de France Be Electric?

Recently, Tesla Auto had scored highest on the NHTSA tests, nearly a perfect crash test score. How can that be for an all-electric car you ask? Well, I was somewhat taken aback, I really didn’t expect this because electric cars are generally heavy due to the batteries below, and thus, they have to try to make the rest of the car lighter to maintain performance, so how did they do it? Well, modern day materials certainly help, although they also add cost. Apparently, Tesla not only has that going for it, but also some damn good engineering.

Forrest: The Mountain Bike Capital of Victoria

Forrest is situated in the middle of the Great Otway National Park. It is now the undisputed capital of Australia’s Mountain Bike destination.

Bikepacking Pisgah | Day Three

Bikepacking Pisgah | Day Three

Jay, Will, and Eddie continue their Pisgah bikepacking adventure. They break camp and head out along the Mills River Trail to Buckhorn Gap and Five Points, where they begin a blazing descent down Clawhammer Road.

They finish the day with an easy pedal on the Brevard Greenway into downtown Brevard where they end with a burrito lunch.

This video was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in the video, all opinions are our own.
This video should be considered for entertainment purposes only, any action you take based on the content of this video is strictly “at your own risk”.

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Why It Is Imperative That You Wear a Helmet Mountain Biking

Helmets are basic safety precautions in many sports. A sport that takes place well away from hospitals and paramedics is one that requires as many precautions as possible.

Suitable Types Of Bicycle For Alpine Mountain Biking

What type of cycle works best for Alpine hybrid bikes? Find out here.

Heading Out on the Road for Some Serious Mountain Biking

There is absolutely nothing like heading out on the road with your vehicle and traveling to some gorgeous track somewhere, whipping out your bike, and then doing a spot of mountain biking. If you have a mountain bike then you are going to need to head out on the road. On this page I want to run you through a couple of the things that you will need to think about when heading out on that trip.

Adventure Mountain Biking With Safety Equipment

Mountain biking is the perfect sport for those with an appetite for outdoors and adventure. MTB bicycles or bikes as they are popularly called are designed specifically for this sport. Also Mountain biking requires great accessories for yourself and the bike.

Mountain Bike Guide – Simple Beginner Skills To Learn

As a beginner you will be raring to get on your bike and take it for a spin which is fair enough however you might want to learn a few skills that will be able to teach you how to ride it properly. Riding a [eal title=”mountain bike”] mountain bike[/eal], is different to riding a normal bike in various ways, it’s like martial arts, different styles have similar techniques but some things have to be done differently to make sure that they help you properly. So even though you may be able to ride a bike there are skills you’ll need to change for when you convert to a mountain bike.

😍 Satisfying Mountain Bike JUMPS! 🔥

😍 Satisfying Mountain Bike JUMPS! 🔥

There is something mesmerising and satisfying about how this video is shot! Take a leaf out of his book on how to film MTB videos! #Shorts #MTB #Satisfying

Satifying Mountain Bike riding viral shorts video mr beast

How Can We Save Mountain Bikers From Text Messaging Motorists?

Well, I don’t know about you but something about the Google Self-Driving autonomous car just really turns me on. Why you ask? I guess because I’ve always been deeply involved in the auto industry and I realize how dangerous cars can be and how we need to stop killing 30,000 people per year. Not only do we have people die in cars and trucks, but those cars and trucks also hit pedestrians and bicycles. So, autonomous systems in cars or additional sensors might just prevent huge numbers of motorist deaths and save thousands of bicyclists along the way.

Mountain Bike Riding On The Beach – Big Wheels and Big Egos

The other day, I was talking to an individual about how wonderful graphene coatings and carbon nanotubes will be in the future. In fact, we did a little brainstorming, and believe that carbon nanotubes will be great for transportation. Cars will be lighter, therefore more efficient, and therefore they will get better fuel mileage. Likewise bicycles will be quite a bit lighter and will go quite fast exerting very little energy when you’re peddling. The tires of cars may never go flat again, nor will your bike tires. And speaking of bike tires I came up with an interesting concept.

Mountain Bike Drop-In Strategy Using the New Bikedrome Concept

Have you ever gone to a skate park and noticed that the skateboard riders get to drop-in to the various ramps and jumps which have been designed into the skate park? These drop-ins allow the rider to gain speed and inertia to do all of their tricks. Often, there are BMX riders who also like to go to the skate parks and use the drop-ins for their own tricks. Perhaps you’ve seen the X-Games sponsored by Red Bull, and watched the BMX riders compete for who can do the best tricks. Many of them risk life and limb for the notoriety and for prize dollars.

Know How to Care for Your Action Camera Now!

Caring for your camera includes many things such as cleaning it properly and storing it in the right place. For you maximize the use of such an important tool, you have to invest in caring for it.

You Are Only One 100-Mile Bike Ride Away From Your Idea Body Weight

Okay so, the title of this article is rather clear isn’t it? And so, let me ask you something. You do own a mountain bike right? And you are an American right? So, you are 15-20 lbs. over your ideal body weight right? Well you know, if you were to go on an off-road 100-mile bike ride, I bet by the time you finished you would have trimmed off at least that much. Now then, let me ask you something; what are you doing this weekend?

😬 Don't Ride Your Bike on SNOW! 😱❄️ #shorts

😬 Don’t Ride Your Bike on SNOW! 😱❄️ #shorts

Who’s heading to the mountains for some snow action this winter? 🏔️❄️ 😍 #Shorts #MTB #MountainBiking

(🎥: @korbinian_engstler)

😬 Don’t ride your bike on SNOW! 😱❄️ #shorts MTB mountain bike GoPro hero @korbinian_engstler

The Bicycle Rules: Safe, Aware, and Cautious

Riding a bicycle in the city is a great way to stay in shape, get to your location quickly, and help the environment. It can also be dangerous. This article gives tips on how to stay safe as a bike rider, and what to do if you get hurt.

Most Shopping Centers in Suburban America Lack the Proper Number of Bike Racks

Does your suburban city have enough bike racks? Some cities do and some cities don’t. Further, in some cities it’s far too dangerous to ride your bike to work, or to the store without getting run over. There are far too many people text messaging these days while driving, and they are not paying attention as they swerve back and forth in their lane, often into a bike lane where you happen to be. If it is unsafe to ride your bike, chances are you won’t. Having a helmet doesn’t help much, if you get hit by a car, you are still going to have injuries.

21 Speeds and He Takes The Bus When Going Up Large Hills in Pasadena

Not long ago, I was in Pasadena CA and I was talking to a mountain biker who came into Starbucks to fill-up his water bottle. He asked if I could watch his bike while he went in, as a fellow cyclist of course I agreed to. It was a pretty exotic bike with 21-speeds, and he said that made it nice going up and down the hills in Pasadena – lots of hills. We got to talking and he told me a story.

What to Expect From 10 Day Biking Trips

Touring new lands through 10-day biking trips is the new way to enjoy your vacation. Read on and learn more about what to expect from cycling trips at different parts of the world.

What Good Is an All Carbon 4 Pound Mountain Bike Frame?

The other day I was talking to someone who just bought an incredible mountain bike, the frame of his mountain bike was only about 4 pounds and it was completely carbon fiber. It was the lightest thing you’ve ever seen, you could put it in your hands, put your arms straight out, and hold it there for 15 minutes and not even notice, it was that light. He also had all the bells and whistles available for his new bike, and even asked me if I wanted his old frame, which I didn’t need.

Bikepacking Pisgah | Day Two

Bikepacking Pisgah | Day Two

Jay, Will, and Eddie continue their bikepacking adventure in the Pisgah National Forest. For day two, they drop their bags and head up the Laurel Mountain Trail for lunch at the Pisgah Inn. They return to camp via a steep descent on the Pilot Rock Trail.

This video was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in the video, all opinions are our own.
This video should be considered for entertainment purposes only, any action you take based on the content of this video is strictly “at your own risk”.

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Top 5 Folding Bikes for Commuters

1. Dahon Mariner D7 – Dahon is the pioneering and most popular folding bike manufacturing company around the world. The folding process of their bikes is very simple.

A Guide to Biking and Trail Running for Women

Depending on the environs, think of the chances of wildlife encounters, injuring an ankle in the country, running out of food or water, getting lost, needing to stay alive for a night out in the wilds, lacking good equipment like carbon fiber bike parts, getting caught above the tree line in a heavy downpour. Thus, plan accordingly.

Biking to Work

Discover the benefits of switching to cycling as a means of commuting to work. Learn how you can improve health, save costs and more by constantly biking.

Upgrade To A Better Riding Experience With A 60mm Carbon Clincher

The bike wheel market has become more dynamic than ever before. Manufacturers have come up with innovative ways of dealing with a myriad of problems that riders face on the road. The 60mm carbon clincher wheel-set is a new innovation in the bike wheel market. It is touted as the ultimate upgrade for more powerful and exciting bike performance.

Hybrid Bikes – Better Than Mountain Bikes for Sale

For those of you unsure as to what exactly a hybrid the bike is; it’s basically a combination of road and mountain bike; suitable for most general purpose rides over a variety of terrain. If you’re exploring the option of buying [eal title=”hybrid bikes”] hybrid bikes[/eal], -based or otherwise, here’s some things you need to know before committing to purchase.

Bikepacking Pisgah | Day One

Bikepacking Pisgah | Day One

Jay, Will, and Eddie go bike packing through the Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina. They travel over 70 miles from Asheville to Brevard.

On day one, they travel 22 miles up & over the Blue Ridge to find dispersed camping on Yellow Gap Road.

This video was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in the video, all opinions are our own.
This video should be considered for entertainment purposes only, any action you take based on the content of this video is strictly “at your own risk”.

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Mountain Bikers, Why You Don’t Want to Ride Like a Pro!

Are your goals the same as a pro racer? Are you in your 20’s or 30’s? Pro riders are probably younger, stronger, and more aggressive than you and their goal is to win races. Being stronger, more aggressive, and getting paid to do well in races gives pro racers a different goal than most avid mountain bikers have. Different Goals require different methods.

The Best Fixed Gear Bikes On Earth

Among biking groups, the [eal title=”fixed gear hybrid bikes mens”]best fixed gear bikes[/eal] are becoming more and more popular. Bike messengers made this type of bike popular and in many parts of the world, this has caused a cult following to develop. Among biking enthusiasts, fixed-wheel bikes, also known as fixies, have become the popular choice. For rough terrain [eal title=”fat tire mountain bikes”] fat tire mountain bikes[/eal], are fast becoming a popular choice as they are great for mud, sand, or even snowy terrain.  

CO2 Inflators: Top 5 Benefits

Are you considering using [eal search=”CO2 inflators”]CO2 inflators for your bike[/eal] find out more. 

Venturesome Singapore Mountain Bike Trails That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Singapore is a must-have destination on the itinerary of avid travelers who love to tour exotic places. If you wish to ride a mountain bike, Singapore makes for a great choice. Although it is well-known as one of the most technically advanced nations in the world, not many are aware of the fact there exist quite a few places there which are ideal for going on adventures like mountain biking and cycling. If you want to embark on an epic mountain biking trip, Singapore is certainly a great place to head for. Don’t forget to stay hydrated on the go [eal title=”best hydration backpacks”] best hydration backpacks[/eal]

8 Tips to Buy a Mountain Bike

If you are going to buy a [eal title=”mountain bike”] mountain bike[/eal], or you may find the process a bit time-consuming and frustrating, which is normal for new buyers like you. Before you pay the money to buy one, make sure you follow the buying tips given below.