Average Texas Mountain Bikers be Like #shorts

Average Texas mountain bikers be like.
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Camera: GoPro Hero9 Black (Chest mounted)
Bike: Pivot Mach 6 2021

Pads for Trail Riding:
Elbow Pads: Kali Protectives Strike
Knee Pads: Kali Protectives Strike

Pads for Enduro/DH:
Elbow Pads: Fox Titan Race
Knee Pads: Fox Launch Pro D3O Knee Guards
Ass and Thigh Pads: BARHAR Protective Armor Pants
Neck Brace: Leatt DBX 3.5
Helmet: Fox Rampage

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Mountain Bike Recovery Drinks

After a long day of mountain biking through a thick, lush and technical park the first thing that most people want to do is be refreshed by grabbing a cold drink and drinking it all very quickly. I know that at least for myself, I keep water with me when I’m riding on a hot humid day in the summer time and drink whatever is left of it right after I get done mountain biking. There are plenty of recovery drinks on the market and they are easy to find.

The Best Way To Prepare For A Mountain Bike Ride

Many professional mountain bikers find it very exciting to go on another escapade on the main roads through dark and dangerous steeps. The experience is often seen as a way of enjoying the scenery and exercising as well. During these tours however it is very important to be well-prepared with all the necessary protective gear because there is always the possibility of stumbling across accidents no matter how carefully the drive is taken. It has to noted that safety should be of topmost priority and being ready to address any kind of mishap is the best means of preparation.

Top Mountain Bike Work Stand for the Home Mechanic

Learn which bike work stand is best for the average mountain biker. Find out what to look for and which important features your bike work stand should have.

Camping Gear, The Five S’s of Comfort

What camping and backpacking gear should I invest more money in? There are going to be thousands of answers to this question, but for my money I invest in products that provide COMFORT. No matter how many cool toys and gadgets I have in the outdoors, if I am not comfortable then I’m not going to be enjoying myself. There are 5 main areas that fall under the “Comfort” category and lucky for us, they all start with S.

Cycling The Switch Back

How would you like to cycle 2400 feet halfway up a mountain? Sound daunting? Actually, it’s a lot easier than it sounds (or as challenging if you’d like it to be). There are three elements to making climbing mountain on a bicycle a piece of cake. One is a good, very light mountain bike. The second is the stipulation that is has plenty of ‘spinning gears’ on its cassette, and the third is that the road is a switchback, or at least has plenty of wide, generous curves.