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How To Choose The Right Type of Bike Pedal: Platform Vs Clip Vs Clipless

Choosing the right bike pedals can be tricky. Figuring out which type of pedal is best for you depends on what type of bike you ride, your style of riding and personal preferences. This articles explains the pros and cons of the three types of bike pedals: platform, clip, and clipless.

Best Bike Repair Stand for Mountain Bikes

Learn what to watch for when you choose a good bicycle repair stand for a mountain bike. 4 easy but useful tips for anyone interested in bike repair stands and home bike repair.

DIY Bike Repair Stand Vs Professionally Manufactured

Learn all the various ways you can hold your bike elevated while you work on it. This list is good for deciding whether you want to create a bike repair stand or buy a professionally manufactured one.

Mountain Bike Sizing Explained

Mountain biking can be a wonderful way to stay in shape and enjoy nature. The size of your bike, and whether it properly fits, can make all the difference between a comfortable ride that you enjoy… and one that makes you miserable. How does the size of a bike impact you?

The Different Types of Mountain Bikes Explained

Mountain biking, like many sports, has a variety of equipment to choose from. The question is, “How do you know what kind of mountain bike you should buy?” In order to make the right choice, you need to know what the different types of mountain bikes are, and what they are designed for.