😍 Crazy Mountain Drone Shot!! 😲 FPV Drone!

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Best Mountain Bikes – Choose a Good One

Mountain biking is undoubtedly a great sport that you and the whole family can enjoy. It is very fresh to ride bicycles off the road. It is a good way to free from all your hectic lifestyle in the city, to enjoy the outdoors fresh air and to stay fit during the weekend.

The Joys of a Hard-Tail 29er Mountain Bike Ride With 8000 Foot Elevation Gain on Catalina Island

Where can you go in Southern California, just 24 miles across the sea from Palos Verdes Peninsula and ride off road the entire day? That would be Catalina Island. Join me on my adventure astride my trusty Specialized Stumpjumper hard-tail 29er.

Four Tips To Supercharge Your Mountain Biking

Alternate your pedal-forward stance Riding is a largely symmetrical cross-linking exercise when you’re climbing easy terrain or pedaling in a smooth cadence. But, during the descent, when compressive forces are at their most jarring, the majority of riders favor a particular foot in the pedal-forward position (much like surfers). This chronic asymmetrical stress leads the body to develop spinal misalignments and muscular imbalances that become firmly engrained with repetition.

Purpose Of A Mountain Bike Website

What is the purpose of a Mountain Bike Website? That is something that can be easily overlooked and most people like me don’t realize very often.

What To Practice As A Beginning Mountain Biker

If you want to start your adventure with the sport of mountain biking, there are a few things to make sure you do before you bite off more than you can chew. This sport is full of thrill, but it is not without risk.