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Catching Up With Dave Wiens, Hall of Fame Mountain Biker, 6-Time Leadville 100 Champion

David Wiens – Retired Professional Mountain Biker, Mountain Sports Director at Western State Colorado University Sponsor: Topeak Ergon As a native of Colorado and have spent countless hours in the Mountains, I know that there are athletes who pass you on a trail at an alarming rate and you are thinking to yourself “who is that guy” and chances are you don’t know and either does the majority, except particular circles of enthusiasts. Mountain communities, city or town, are generally like this, sport is a natural type of lifestyle because of the…

Good Sport Design: What It Can Do For You

Whether you enjoy mountaineering or horseback riding, hiking or biking, the equipment you use can make a big difference in your overall performance. When you choose equipment that features good sport design, your performance levels – as well as your comfort and enjoyment of your activities – get a big boost.

Taking The Family On A Biking Excursion

Unless you’ve been living in a particularly remote cave for the last couple of months, you can’t have failed to notice that two-wheeled transport seems to be all the rage at the moment. Bradley Wiggins’ triumph in the Tour de France and the successes of Britain’s cycling teams in the Olympic and Paralympic Games put what is usually a minority sport on the front pages for the first time in years. But while road and track cycling appears to be in fashion at present, there’s also plenty to recommend mountain biking.

Ten Trail Safety Tips

Trail safety is directly connected with the preparation and safety measures you take before you head out. Often the steps you take to prepare can make the difference between a great, unforgettable trip and a disaster. Here are ten trail safety tips you can follow to be prepared and make your next adventure a great one.

Tips for Mountain Bike Training in Winter Months

When there’s snow on the ground how do you stay in-shape for mountain biking? These winter sports opportunities can keep you fit, healthy and ready for spring mountain biking season.