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STYLE KING! – Mountain Bike Gabriel Wimber MTB FULL SEND #shorts

How to Wear Your Mountain Bike Gear for Maximum Protection

Almost every mountain biker understands the importance of wearing the mountain biking protective accessories. Every mountain biking protective gear is designed such that it protects some part (s) of your body when you meet an accident during your rides.

A Guide to Mountain Bike Apparels

In order to start mountain biking you need to prepare yourself adequately. You will have to arrange for several things, including the right clothing, protection accessories, biking tools, frames, as well as the bike. The product range available for all these items are so vast that it may leave you confused about the items you should buy.

Morzine Cycling: Styles and Routes

The French region of Morzine is generally better known for the top-notch skiing and snowboarding conditions offered by its snow-covered peaks every winter. However, outdoors enthusiasts know that that is not all there is to this small, idyllic resort. In the warmer season, it becomes a great place to go cross-country cycling or mountain biking. But while many people seem to think the region is only good for downhill mountain biking, there is much more to Morzine cycling than just that, as you will find out below.

Morzine: Cycling, the Summer Sport

If you’ve ever followed the Tour de France, you may think of Morzine, cycling and epic endeavours, all in the one scenario. While, unfortunately, not all of us are quite up to Tour de France standards, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cycle those famous routes or tackle some of those legendary climbs.

Morzine Is More Than Just Winter Sports

There are plenty of great activities to take part in when summer rolls into Morzine: cycling, hiking, picnics, there is so much more to the area than just winter sports. When the snow recedes and the sun comes out, a whole different side to the resort reveals itself, giving visitors access to gorgeous alpine pastures, green mountainsides and crystal clear skies. The entire Portes du Soleil area offers plenty of choice in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, with the winter sport accommodation continuing to provide a wonderful place to stay for those who want a suitable base for groups of friends or family in summer.