Redfire City Commuter Road Bicycle

Redfire Hybrid Road Bike, 21 Speed Shimano

Redfire City Commuter Road Bicycle For Adults

This is another powerful commuter bicycle that comes with a lot of simplicity yet performs optimally with little or no maintenance. It comes with a very strong frame, and is meant to be used by both male and female riders.

When we say that it comes with a lot of simplicity, we mean that it comes with a very rigid design. The speed is top-notch and can comfortably ply on rough terrains regardless of how rugged it might be: this bike is designed to resist the worst pressure. It comes in just two colors and has very strong wheels that can beat any rough terrain.


High-Speed Performance

The Redfire Hybrid Road Bike comes with a 21 Speed Shimano Shifters, meaning that you can actually change the speed up to 21-speed levels. So, if you are in need of speed, this bicycle should top your list.

Comfortable Saddle

The bicycle comes with a comfortable saddle seat made of soft plastic and leather. This makes the rider more comfortable while on trans.

Moderate Wheel Size

With a 700C Wheels measuring 19/21 Inch Aluminium Frame, the Redfire Hybrid Road bike can withstand any pressure from any kind of terrain at all. The wheels are made of aluminium, and designed specifically for rough terrains.

Front and Rear Linear pull Brakes

This kind of brake provides you with a smooth but instant crisp stop solution. Even with the intensity of this brake, it adds stability to the Alloy rims.

Added Assembled Tools

It comes with a 19 inch frame fits, 21 inch frame fits, and 5'6" - 6'1" frame that fits adult riders. It also has extra pedals included.

Pros & Cons


Fast Speed

With the Redfire Hybrid Road Bike, you are good to go on a speed adventure no matter how rough the terrain is.

Efficient Brakes

You are very safe with this bicycle, this is because of its effective brakes, which give it an instant, crisp stop when applied.

Fitting Saddles

Because the saddle is made up of leather and soft plastics, you are bound to have a comfortable ride on this bike when you are ready to ride.

City Commuter Road Bicycle


Believe it or not, the Redfire Hybrid Road Bike gives users the opportunity to experience both comfort and efficiency at once. The simplicity of this bike is what makes it stand out amongst the rest. And mind you, the fact that it can transgress rough and bumpy terrains doesn’t mean that it can be used for some daredevil bike race. Finally, try putting your perspective on this kind of bicycle. We can only recommend it for people who need to experience speed at its highest point and people who happen to live in rough terrain.

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