Redfire 21 Speed Shimano Hybrid Road Bike

Redfire Hybrid Road Bike

Redfire 21 Speed Shimano Hybrid Road Bike

If you are a fan of straight handles, then the Redfire Hybrid Road Bike should be your best bet. This is another speed bike that makes a lot of sense if you use it for office or recreational purposes. It is unisex and made for both adults and teenagers.

The company is committed to making sure that customers find it easy to set up after the purchase, so they have included some relevant tools to fix the bicycle. It also comes with complimentary packages like the Alloy bottle cages, LED bike light, Waterproof frame bag, and more.


Ergonomic Grip

The ergonomic grip that comes with this bike makes it possible for the rider to feel comfortable while on the handle. Note you can only navigate properly when your grips feel comfortable in your hands and can most especially resist sweaty palms.

21 Speed Shimano Shifters

The speed shifter on this bicycle makes it possible for the rider to keep climaxing the speed while on trans. This can actually serve as a semi racing bike considering its speed level.

5 Year Warranty

To further assure the customers of the bike's quality, they have placed a 5-year warranty on it. That way, confidence is but among the customers.

Light Weight

The Redfire Hybrid Road Bike comes with a lightweight compelled with applicable in other bicycles. It weighs 17.06 Kilograms and measures 52.5 x 27 x 7.5 inches in length.

700C Wheels 19/21 Inch Aluminium Frame

Ply on rough terrains regardless of how rugged the roads are, thanks to the 700C Wheels 19/21 Inch Aluminium Frame. It has a way of maintaining the stability of the wheels even while the pressure intensifies while on trans.

Pros & Cons


Reasonable Speed Level

Because of its 21 Speed Shimano Shifters, you can choose to take a speed adventure on the lonely highway. But you have to be careful while on this one.

Ergonomic Grip

The ergonomic grip on this bike also has the ability to absolve sweat, so you don’t have to bother about slippery grips.

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The Redfire Hybrid Road Bike also comes with some other condiments like a squeeze water bottle, free Installation tool, Alloy bottle cages, Cooling neck gaite, Nylon saddlebag, Waterproof frame bag, and  LED bike light, 4 feet bag lock. So, with this, you won’t have to go spend more money trying to acquire them. Lastly, this bike comes with a ‎19-inch frame, which is believed to be a little bit high for teenagers. But if you are interested in the design, there should be similar brands with the same style and design.

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