Chainsaw + $3599 Bike! 😬

Chainsaw + $3599 Bike! 😬

What happened with a specked out Canyon Dirt jump bike meets a chainsaw! #MTB #Shorts #Cycling #Satisfying This will be for insurance purposes. If there is a fault on a frame, the manufacturer will need proof that you won’t sell a faulty frame when they send out a replacement.

Reviews of Top Three Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

A full face mountain bike helmet is an essential protective accessory that should be worn every time you go out riding on the mountains. Unlike other protective headgears, full face helmets are specifically made to fit snugly around your head and to be securely fastened.

Significance of Wearing Protective Accessory While Riding BMX Bikes

Then came the 90s and the BMX riders pushed themselves to new tricks and an extreme edge of danger. Accidents were frequent and serious injury was an everyday thing.

Biking Courses in Morzine

There are plenty of options for people interested in Morzine cycling; from idyllic routes along Alpine roads and picturesque villages, through to the high-adrenaline action of the ‘Ten Percenter’ at the bottom of Pleney Gondola. Whether you’re planning a relaxing ride or a fast-paced off-road adventure, there are routes and trails around Morzine you’re sure to find just to your taste – but it can take a little bit of asking around before you find the one to suit you. Here are a few sample riding areas you can try in order to get a feel for the different options.

Convert Your Plain BMX Helmets Into a Stylish One

Many BMX riders do not like their BMX helmets due to aesthetic reasons. They feel that their helmets have a plain, boring and old-fashioned look. The good news is that you can now convert your plain looking BMX helmet into a designer and fashionable one using stickers, decals, and patterns.

Make Safety As Your First Priority While Mountain Bike Riding

Mountain biking is probably one of the riskiest forms of bike riding. There has been an alarming rise in the number of accidents during mountain biking in recent years. The Injuries during mountain biking can be very severe and in the worst case, even life threatening. One of the major reasons for serious injuries during bike riding is the lack of awareness among people regarding correct usage of protective gears like helmets and protective pads.

😍 Satisfying YT CAPRA Bike Build! πŸ”₯πŸ› οΈ

😍 Satisfying YT CAPRA Bike Build! πŸ”₯πŸ› οΈ

Check out this awesome @YT Industries CAPRA Uncaged 6 quick build with full ASMR satisfying sounds built with @RockShox and @SRAM – Is this the best enduro high spec mountain bike?

Credit: @YT Industries via IG

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Satisfying Mountain Bike MTB build #Shorts #MTB

#Shorts #MTB #ASMR #SATISFYING #GoPro #ScottBikes #Downhill #VTT #santacruz

Converting Your Mountain Bike to 1×9 or 1×10

Converting to 1×9 or 1×10 is a cheap and easy way to save weight and add simplicity to your mountain bike. Many racers are finding success in switching to 1x setups.

Big Fun on Tiny Bikes

There are many kinds of mountain bikers who ride a huge variety of machines. Most mountain bikes are large, burly rigs designed to take abuse loads that could devastate a normal human. The people that ride them are often the strong, hardy kind who like their beer black and their trucks muddy.

Importance of a Right Fitting BMX Helmet

You have made a wonderful decision of wearing a helmet every time you go out cycling. Now, the next step is to fit it properly in order to really enjoy the intended safety benefits.

Becoming a Better BMX Rider – Don’t Underestimate Safety

Ever since BMX riding gained the status of a full-blown adventure sport, it has been rising in popularity among the youth. Many people start practicing BMX since their childhood to become expert BMX riders later. However, for those who have recently developed a liking for BMX or those who have started deriving fun from this adventure sport, being an expert rider could really be a daunting task.

Protect Your Wrists While You Are Riding

If you have ever enjoyed BMX or mountain biking, you would certainly be aware about the importance of protecting yourself against injuries. This is why you wear protection accessories such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, padded shorts etc. However, amongst these many choices of protection accessories for biking, you should choose them on the basis of their usage and the way they would protect you from injuries.

πŸ‘‘ STYLE KING! - Gabriel Wimber πŸ”₯ #shorts

πŸ‘‘ STYLE KING! – Gabriel Wimber πŸ”₯ #shorts

Check out what Gabriel Wibmer gets up! ⚑ The style king is here! Who would try these skills? What was your favourite? #MTB #Shorts #GoPro

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STYLE KING! – Mountain Bike Gabriel Wimber MTB FULL SEND #shorts

How to Wear Your Mountain Bike Gear for Maximum Protection

Almost every mountain biker understands the importance of wearing the mountain biking protective accessories. Every mountain biking protective gear is designed such that it protects some part (s) of your body when you meet an accident during your rides.

A Guide to Mountain Bike Apparels

In order to start mountain biking you need to prepare yourself adequately. You will have to arrange for several things, including the right clothing, protection accessories, biking tools, frames, as well as the bike. The product range available for all these items are so vast that it may leave you confused about the items you should buy.

Morzine Cycling: Styles and Routes

The French region of Morzine is generally better known for the top-notch skiing and snowboarding conditions offered by its snow-covered peaks every winter. However, outdoors enthusiasts know that that is not all there is to this small, idyllic resort. In the warmer season, it becomes a great place to go cross-country cycling or mountain biking. But while many people seem to think the region is only good for downhill mountain biking, there is much more to Morzine cycling than just that, as you will find out below.

Morzine: Cycling, the Summer Sport

If you’ve ever followed the Tour de France, you may think of Morzine, cycling and epic endeavours, all in the one scenario. While, unfortunately, not all of us are quite up to Tour de France standards, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cycle those famous routes or tackle some of those legendary climbs.

Morzine Is More Than Just Winter Sports

There are plenty of great activities to take part in when summer rolls into Morzine: cycling, hiking, picnics, there is so much more to the area than just winter sports. When the snow recedes and the sun comes out, a whole different side to the resort reveals itself, giving visitors access to gorgeous alpine pastures, green mountainsides and crystal clear skies. The entire Portes du Soleil area offers plenty of choice in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, with the winter sport accommodation continuing to provide a wonderful place to stay for those who want a suitable base for groups of friends or family in summer.

Jungle Speedway 🌲 #shorts

Jungle Speedway 🌲 #shorts

This is crazy! What do you think of @Steezygiese765 line as he rides through these woods?! Awesome 360 gopro action camera! #MTB #Shorts #GoPro

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insane mountain bike satisfying riding GoPro hero 10 360 MTB sports skill SteezieGuiezee

Finding the Best Bike Rack For Your Vehicle

Are you looking for an easier way to carry your bikes? In the past ten years, manufacturers in the industry have taken significant leaps in improving bike rack design; they are also constantly pursuing more efficient, visually appealing styles in a desire to produce.

The Best Brands of Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are built with the ability to handle rough terrain in mind. They have specially constructed frames and tires to enable them to do this. Mountain bikes come in two flavors: hardtail, meaning without a rear suspension, and full suspension, which involves both rear and front suspension mounted to the bike’s frame. The type of mountain bike an individual chooses depends greatly on the kind of riding they want to do. Beyond that there are different brands of mountain bikes, and steep price differences. Lets have a look at the top five best ranked mountain bike companies below.

Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack for the Average Joe

Learn what type of hitch mount bike rack is best for the average guy or gal. Find out what to look for and which important features your bike rack should have.

Using Bike Lights for Safety Reasons

Though having a front and rear set of bike lights is mandatory for any cyclist travelling at night in the UK, many cyclists still ride without them on a regular basis. It really isn’t a lot of trouble to find a pair of lights and fix them to your bike and it makes it so much safer when riding, even if you’re not riding on a public highway as they’re not just for making you visible to traffic, but also making sure the route ahead of you is lit up.

Reasons to Try an Adventure Sport

Watching adventure sports is indeed a treat to the eyes to those who enjoy it. If you are also a fan of adventure sports. For instance, you can get mountain bike helmets for mountain biking and skateboard helmets for skateboarding. Similarly, other protection accessories are also available for every sport that poses a risk of injury.

πŸ”₯ Bike Park Laps FTW 🀘 #shorts

πŸ”₯ Bike Park Laps FTW 🀘 #shorts

πŸ”₯ Bike Park Laps FTW 🀘 Check out the flow of this rider! @OSCARHARNSTORM is taking La Poma bike park jumps in style! MTB mountain bike pinkbike vtt satisfying flow
#shorts #MTB #cycling


Evaluating the Mounts on a Action Camera

Action camera mounts need to be securely fastened in order to protect the camera and provide the high quality action video that the cameras are built to provide. This article discusses the various types of actions camera mounts.

Preparing Your Camera for Underwater Filming

The best results for filming underwater include proper consideration of housing, lenses, color changes, and safety. This article looks at the various elements of underwater filming preparations to obtain high definition results with excellent colors.

Bike Trainers – Story About Riding Better

Tired from being tired on your bike? Bike trainers may be your right choice if you want to become a better cycler. And your journey begins with…

Mountain Biking Trails – Bring Me That Horizon

That little itchy feeling when you cruise on your good old cycling road around your block. Like one hundred and second time? Isn’t it? If your answer is “yes” then it is time to talk about mountain biking trails.

The Importance of Using Bike Lights

It may seem obvious but there is a dual benefit in cyclists using bike lights in dim/dark conditions. They are used to not only increase the rider’s visibility, but also help others to see the rider.

How to Cycle With A DOG! 🐢😍 #shorts

How to Cycle With A DOG! 🐢😍 #shorts

This dog is riding in style! Who would take their dog on a cycle like this? Dog in backpack! #Shorts #Cycling #Dogs #velo #cutedogs #dog #cuteanimals


XC Dog! Mountain Bike Dog! Road Bike Dog! Cycling Dog

Low Cost Materials Used for Mounting Digital Cameras

Mini-digital camera mounts can be devised from a number of low-cost materials. The objective is to get the video camera in the sports event while maintaining security, low vibration, and a good view. This article discusses these mounting options.

Mongoose Bikes and Mainenance

Clearly, every bike fanatic knows its own preference in terms of bicycle. The Mongoose bike is usually a brand manufacturing a BMX Item or mountain bikes. It has been around the marketplace since 1974 but has many improvements year after year.

Selecting A Bicycle Tube For Mountain Biking

Choosing the right tubes for your mountain bike is an important part of getting started and performing well. But with so many tubes available, which bicycle tube do you choose for mountain biking? Here are some tips on buying the right bicycle tube.

The History of Mountain Biking and the Schwinn “Klunker”

The term “Klunker” that for years became synonymous with heavy, clumsy machines, was actually the model of bike made by the Schwinn company that had something to do with the origins of freestyle mountain bikes. This article explores this term, and its connection with the popular sport.

Temecula California and the Endurance Mountain Bike Race

The city of Temecula, California has become the home to many freestyle motorcycle events. This article looks at the development of this sport and the interest in this area of the United States.

🀯 You CAN'T do this on a bike! πŸ”₯ #shorts

🀯 You CAN’T do this on a bike! πŸ”₯ #shorts

πŸ”₯ Could you do this on a bike?! 🀯πŸ”₯ #MTB #Shorts #GoPro
Check out what Gabriel Wibmer gets up to in his back garden! ⚑ The Jib king is here! Who would try these jibs? What was your favourite?

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πŸ”₯ Could you do this on a bike?! 🀯πŸ”₯ mountain bike MTB shorts

Why Should You Use a Full Face Helmet

Full face helmet is a type of helmet that is used to offer advanced protection. However, you can be choosy while selecting a full face helmet too. You can take your pick from wide range of colors, styles and sizes of the helmets that are available in the market. A wide variety of full face helmets is available that allows you to find a particular helmet as per your taste and preferences. Now, you know that there is no shortage of choices.

Do Your Workout Clothes Smell Even After Washing? Here’s The Answer!

Why do I spend $75 for an expensive high tech biking shirt only to throw it away because I can not get the smell out of it. I’ve been on a mission for the past year to discover the answer to why my athletic clothing stink even after I wash them.

Selecting the Right Mountain Bike Lights for Trail Riding

Mountain bike lights are now available that can provide 2600 lumens of brightness, meaning that visibility for night trail riding has never been so good. This in turn allows you to ride faster round trails than ever before. However, remember that cycling in the dark, even with this level of brightness provided by your lights, will never be the same as cycling during the day, as it still isn’t possible to pick out the same level of detail.

What Is Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is an incredibly popular sport which has incredible health benefits for anyone who participates. Find out the differences between a mountain bike and other bikes.

Improvising Low Cost Sports Camera Mounts

There is no limit to the ways a sports enthusiast will try to mount a mini-digital camera to some piece of sporting equipment. This article discusses a few of the major innovations that some have come up with to take their sports video camera to the event where ever they go.

πŸ”₯ Cycling UP 84 steps Challenge! 🀯πŸ’ͺ #Shorts

πŸ”₯ Cycling UP 84 steps Challenge! 🀯πŸ’ͺ #Shorts

THE GOAT @Wyn TV riding up this famous stairset in Brighton. Who would try this challenge? πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ #Shorts #MTB #MountainBike #Cycling #GoPro #challenge

Catching Up With Dave Wiens, Hall of Fame Mountain Biker, 6-Time Leadville 100 Champion

David Wiens – Retired Professional Mountain Biker, Mountain Sports Director at Western State Colorado University Sponsor: Topeak Ergon As a native of Colorado and have spent countless hours in the Mountains, I know that there are athletes who pass you on a trail at an alarming rate and you are thinking to yourself “who is that guy” and chances are you don’t know and either does the majority, except particular circles of enthusiasts. Mountain communities, city or town, are generally like this, sport is a natural type of lifestyle because of the…

Good Sport Design: What It Can Do For You

Whether you enjoy mountaineering or horseback riding, hiking or biking, the equipment you use can make a big difference in your overall performance. When you choose equipment that features good sport design, your performance levels – as well as your comfort and enjoyment of your activities – get a big boost.

Taking The Family On A Biking Excursion

Unless you’ve been living in a particularly remote cave for the last couple of months, you can’t have failed to notice that two-wheeled transport seems to be all the rage at the moment. Bradley Wiggins’ triumph in the Tour de France and the successes of Britain’s cycling teams in the Olympic and Paralympic Games put what is usually a minority sport on the front pages for the first time in years. But while road and track cycling appears to be in fashion at present, there’s also plenty to recommend mountain biking.

Ten Trail Safety Tips

Trail safety is directly connected with the preparation and safety measures you take before you head out. Often the steps you take to prepare can make the difference between a great, unforgettable trip and a disaster. Here are ten trail safety tips you can follow to be prepared and make your next adventure a great one.

Tips for Mountain Bike Training in Winter Months

When there’s snow on the ground how do you stay in-shape for mountain biking? These winter sports opportunities can keep you fit, healthy and ready for spring mountain biking season.